Back from vacation

Back in January, I had scheduled a week of vacation in late June. Hoping to use it as a break before the All-Star game and Steelers Training camp. But suddenly, I moved to the morning news desk and started to co-anchor with Kelly Frey the week before my vacation. So — in essence — after a week on the job, I got a week-long vacation.

It was an interesting week to say the least. Thanks to my new schedule, I found myself getting up at 3am during vacation week for no reason at all. I also had a desire for coffee in the morning after having never had a cup during my ten years as sports director. I guess it’s because Demetrius’ morning blend is so good, I just need that first cup of java now. I’m trying to kick the habit.

But the more interesting portion of the week involved seeing people. People I knew and people I did not. I found it interesting to hear their reaction as they told me their feelings about my move to mornings. While all were universally positive, some asked me whether this was a promotion or a demotion ( it’s a promotion). I was also asked those common questions: How early do you have to get up and when do you go to bed?

I also had the chance to take part in two incredible events on Friday. One, I have emceed for the last five years. That’s the Mike Ditka celebrity golf outing at the Beaver Lakes Club in Aliquippa. “Iron Mike” always brings back his fellow former football players for a golf outing that raises money for scholarships for scholar-athletes in Beaver County. He’s been doing it for 20 years and has never forgotten where he grew up. That night, I attended the wedding of the sports information department at the University of Pittsburgh. It was at the reception that I saw a stunning sight: Steve Pederson, Jeff Long and Marc Boehm. The last three athletic directors at the school all in the same room. That was wild!

The weekend ended with my wedding anniversary. My wife, Sharon, and myself celebrated six years of marriage. I know that whatever success I have had in my life is a tribute to her hard work, dedication, patience and understanding. When you work in the TV business, life is far from normal and it takes an understanding and generous spouse to help you realize your dreams. For that Sharon, I am truly grateful. More than you will ever know.

After all this, I’m back at work and excited to be back. I can’t wait to see what adventures await me in my second week on the job. Adventures I hope to share with you on this blog in the coming weeks and months.


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