Going Solo

My adventures as a morning anchor continue. I’ll be sharing the story behind my transition from sports to news on my blog here at thepittsburghchannel.

July 4th turned out to be my personal independence day. Kelly Frey had requested July 4th off and I was asked to anchor the morning news — by myself. Sounds like a lot for one person to handle 2 hours of morning TV, but it was made much easier by a skilled crew working behind the camera. Also our morning show producer, Amy Schussler, does a great job of putting the show together overnight so that when I come in at 4am I can get up to speed quickly.

Not having Kelly is challenging enough, but traffic reporter Melanie Taylor also had the day off — after all, how much traffic are you going to have on July 4th. But fortunately, meteorologist Demetrius Ivory was working — and working hard. With picnics, parades and fireworks all on the line, his forecast is more important than ever. So it was “guys morning” with Demetrius and I doing the news.

I found the entire experience to be challenging, but fun. It’s a different feeling when you are running the ship by yourself and the whole show succeeds or fails based upon your performance. While I not perfect, I was able to keep up with the pace and not lose my voice. For someone who is used to anchor 3 minutes of sports at 6 & 11, it’s a different world doing two straight hours.

Of course, I look forward to Kelly coming back tomorrow. Not having someone to play off makes the mornings a little less fun.

Have a great 4th everyone! I’m on my way out to Brentwood to cover a 5k run — with a twist. To see what I mean, tune in tonight at 5pm.


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