Being a Fan

I have to head out soon and get ready to cover the funeral procession for the late mayor Bob O’Connor this morning, but I wanted to drop you a note and let you know I’m about to experience something new tonight.

After 11 seasons of covering Steelers football as a journalist, I’m going to my first game as a fan. Sharon and I are going to see the season opener against Miami at Heinz Field tonight. It will be odd not having the watch every play so closely and then dissect it like it was the Zapruder film of the Kennedy assassination. I will just be able to kick back and relax and enjoy — and actually cheer for the Steelers. Something I have never done. However, no booze for me since I have to come into work tomorrow morning at 4am — ouch!

As part of my first football season since college as a fan — I will be playing the role of prognosticator. Offering up my predictions for the week ahead. What I will do each week is pick three NFL games using and guess the winner against the spread. We’ll see at season’s end how I do. They only weeks I will not be picking games will be the weekend of the 24th since I will be on vacation.

Here’s my bold week one picks that you can take to the bank — and I’m staying away from the Steelers game.

BRONCOS ( -3.5 ) at Rams
EAGLES ( -5 ) at Texans
Browns ( +3 ) vs SAINTS

My Picks are in caps ( minus means I’m giving points, plus means I’m taking points )


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