Have We Forgotten?

Like all of you, the memory of September 11th, 2001 is still fresh in my mind. But the tragic events of that day did not completely hit me until five years after the attacks. Tuesday, September 11th 2006. I spent that day in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Broadcasting live all morning from the open field where the heroes of flight 93 took on their hijackers, saving thousands while sacrificing their own lives.

Being in that field, next to that memorial, as hundreds came that morning is something I will never forget. It made the super bowls that I have covered seem insignificant and exposed me to a whole new set of emotions, feelings and concerns. Like many of those at the temporary memorial, I felt pride in the passengers and crew aboard that ill-fated flight, anger at those hijackers and terrorists and a frustration that this sort of violence still takes place. You can see my personal thoughts on my video blog on thepittsburghchannel.

Link: http://www.thepittsburghchannel.com/video/9819633/index.html

I also felt a fear — a fear that as time passes that we forget what exactly happened during that day and what it means to our modern-day struggle. I was told numbers at the Gainesville site were down from previous years and our country — so united on that day — is politically as polarized as ever. Then, there is a poll in the Washington Post that should scare all of you. 30% of the those polled by the Post could not remember the year the 9/11 attacks occurred!

Of course it’s natural to have memories fade as the years go on, but this is one event that we cannot put behind us. It is too important. Perhaps all of us should take a ride to Shanksville to be reminded of what evil exists in the world and how courageous ordinary Americans can be. There is a war going on in Iraq and I have my own personal feelings about it, but this blog is about what took place 5 years ago and asking that we never forget. Perhaps in some ways, I did, until I was reminded on a cold Monday this week in Somerset county.

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