Sorry it’s been so long since I was blogging. Thanks to your e-mails, I understand the blogging process is one that does not take a vacation. I will endeavor to keep it going, even as I enjoy some down time during vacation.

Still, the one thing I am quickly learning is that there is no vacation from the world of news. Just look at what I missed during my week off in Fort Myers, Florida: The Steelers lose to Jacksonville and 5 Duquesne basketball players are shot on campus and Bill Clinton’s much-blogged about interview with Fox News. Not I think the world is going to stop just because I choose to get off for a few days, but I am amazed how much happens when you’re away.

Then I saw the story that not only jolted me back to reality, but angered me and left me feeling helplessness. You have likely heard by now about the death of the mother of three who had her unborn child ripped out of her womb. It gets worse. Her three children – none older than seven – were drowned and later left in the washer and dryer of their home. Their murders were committed by – of all people – the family babysitter.

It’s this story – of people living in Saint Louis that I did not know – that left an indelible impression. One that often leaves me wondering if this is the job for me. Being a news anchor, you daily present the worst of human frailties and are asked to be both unbiased and professional in your daily dissemination of the stories of the day. Folks, Let me tell you something: I am human. I cannot help but feel pain, anger, sadness and vengeance when I read those types of stories. Sure, we are supposed to hide our feelings and most of the time; we do a good job masking our true emotions. However, there is a limit.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that human tragedy is not easy to cover and report and we do not handle such stories with a smile and indifference. Maybe that’s why I try to be as upbeat as I can about the other stories in our newscast. Still, it makes for an interesting roller coaster of emotion over the course of two hours of TV every morning.

FYI — I’m excited to hear our sports staff here at WTAE has been filled out with the addition of Guy Junker as our weekend anchor. I guiess Guy has gone full circle from his days as a sports anchor here in the late 80’s. He’s going to be great and it’s exicting to have him on board joining JB.


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