Meet Boobaloo:

Next Saturday, the annual Pittsburgh Pet Expo happens at the convention
center. I’ll be there — along with my wife and our child. Actually, it’s our dog but he has become an important member of our family in the six seven years we have been together. I thought I would share with you his story – and what a difference he has made in our lives.

His name is “Boobaloo” ( as you will not doubt discover reading my bio or listening to Sally say his name every now and then ). He is our seven-year old bischon/poodle and his name is a combination of the pet names Sharon and myself have for one another – and that’s as much as I’m going to say about that.

He came into our lives completely by accident and under some scary circumstances. We were living in the Mexican War Streets and were barely married when we saw this small white dog chained up to the fire escape in the back of this apartment building next to us. As the days went on, he continued to be chained back there — small and skinny and thin. Sharon – being the caring person she is – would sneak over and leave a bowl of water or food. Finally, one day it started raining and the poor puppy was soaking wet. Sharon could hardly stand to watch him suffer – so I went next door and found the abusive owners. I gave them 30 bucks and took the dog. They did not put up a fight.

We took in this cold, shivering dog and started nursing him back to health. He was afraid but there was something about him that made us believe there was a gentle soul inside that damp white fur. As time went on, we gained his trust and he started to open his unique personality to us. When we moved out to the suburbs of Washington County, the pain that he experienced as a puppy seemed to disappear as he took to the grass and trees and fields of the country.

Boobaloo is more than a dog to us. He has a personality that emerges at just the right time for the just the right situation. If Sharon and I are arguing, he gives us a look that says “Hey Guys, you’re supposed to be in love”. When one of us gets sick, he curls up next to us and won’t leave until we are well. At the same time, when we are sleeping in bed, he always has to be right in the middle.

He loves me, but he will always be a mamma’s boy. When I come home, he rushes to me like a little child greeting dad from a long trip — looking for goodies but then leaving when he realizes dad has nothing for him. When mom comes home, he started bouncing up and down, almost leaping into her arms.

I told Boobaloo that he would be signing autographs with me next Saturday at the Pet Expo — and he seems pretty excited. We both hope you will stop by and say “hi” and share with us the story of you and your pet.


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