Not Miller’s Time

Prior to Friday morning, I had no clue who Siena Miller was. From her photo on the left, you can tell she is an attractive 24-year-old woman who seems to have the looks to become a Hollywood star.

Then .. she opened her mouth.

Miller, in town shooting the film “The Mysteries of Pittsburgh”, was asked by Rolling Stone Magazine to offer her opinion of her stay in Pittsburgh. Her answer? Let’s just say she coined a word starting with the letters “Sh” and rhyming with “Pittsburgh”. ( Do I have to spell out for you? ).

Miller’s assessment of our fair city has not gone over well. Just this morning, we have received phone calls from outraged Pittsburghers People who wouldn’t know Siena Miller from Josh Miller are angry that such a newbie could take such a swipe at our fair city.

Personally, I have had my issues with the city over the years, but I have never ripped it in such a manner and believe the city — the way it is now — is far from Miller’s crass description. Obviously, she has never looked at Pittsburgh from Mount Washington. She has never taken a ride on the incline. She has never gone jogging along the North Shore or visited one of the city’s dozens of neighborhoods. I only wish Mayor O’ Connor was with us. He would take Miller, probably kicking and screaming, to the various venues around our city.

Miller shows no class and no clue and — even worse — may have sunk the local audience for the film before it’s even released. Now before you go out with torches and burn down the Omni William Penn hotel, where Miller is reportedly staying, remember this:

Pittsburgh has been the butt of jokes, ridicule and criticism for years. This is not the first time and likely won’t be the last time Pittsburgh gets this type of treatment. The best thing you can do is be proud of your city and enjoy what it has to offer. We know how great our city is — and will be. Let it be our joy — and Siena’s loss.

Maybe Jude Law – who earlier cheated on Miller and was universally vilified — was a lot smarter than we gave him credit for.

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