Random Thoughts at 3:30am

That’s the time I usually arrive at my office — and hit the keyboard of my computer. To review scripts, read my favorite papers or start composing my blog.

First up, the Sienna Miller watch. Sienna – as you have heard – was kicked out of a South Side bar for not carrying her ID. On the way out the door, the would-be star through a superstar-caliber tantrum. She yelled “I am Sienna Miller. I am a famous actress”. Sienna: You are full of it. From your transparent apology to your child-like antics on the South Side, you have had your 15 minutes of fame – and frankly I wish you would go throw a tantrum in a city that you actually like.
For those of you who might not be aware, October is breast cancer awareness month. It’s a national effort to get the word out that breast cancer is a deadly disease and it’s important for women to have mamagrams done to discover if they have this insidious disease. It’s become more than just a charity for me, it’s become a passion and a cause in which I truly believe.

I got involved in the fight more than a decade ago, when I was asked join Michelle Wright as the co-voice of the Race for the Cure. The Mother’s Day event in Schenley park celebrates survival and remembers those who have lost their fight. More recently, I worked with Adagio – an organization dedicated the women’s health issues — and their biggest event in Hot Pink Pittsburgh. Every October at the Byham, Hot Pink brings together cutting edge performance and music for a show that raises thousands for breast cancer research and screening for uninsured women. Sally Wiggin and myself have served as emcees and I have served as past co-chair — along with my wife, Sharon. Sharon and I have been touched by breast cancer through our friends. Three of our close friends are survivors — and all were stricken with the disease at very young ages.

This year’s event once again was put together by a dedicated group of volunteers — including our neighbor and breast cancer survivor Kris Duda. But this year’s event may have been the biggest success ever for Hot Pink for two reasons. A Steeler — and a generous giver.

Steeler lineman Max Starks and his mother Ellanor, a 14-year breast cancer survivor, served as honorary co-hosts. Their presence and their enthusiasm brought a whole new passion to this year’s event. But while Max was the star, it was another gentlemen who stole the spotlight. Tim Wiebe has already given to the cause of breast cancer, when he decided to take our live auction to a new level. At auction was a catered evening in a 10,000 square foot house on Mount Washington. An expensive item — but Tim’s generosity became a $10,000 bid. It was extraordinary and exceptional — and it made this year’s Hot Pink event the most successful

Here’s a picture of our friends Kevin and Kris Duda, along with Max and Elleanor and Sharon and myself.


Hey, it’s class reunion weekend for me. I’m heading to Simsbury Connecticut for my 20th high school reunion. As promised, when I return I will have stories and photos from my trip back in time. Stay tuned!


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