As promised, the story of my weekend trip back to Simsbury, Connecticut form 20th high school reunion. When I wrote of the subject a few months ago, I told you how nervous I was about going back. Listen to me: A guy who gets up in the middle of the night and co-anchors a morning newscast and doesn’t think twice about the thousands watching and yet I’m getting all jumpy about seeing a couple of hundred people who I haven’t seen since Ronald Reagan was in office.

But from the moment I entered the room, it was as if I was immersed in a vat of warm pudding. It was both comforting and relaxing as time stood still and yet fast forwarded to the present day. The memories of a time long since past began to flow like the 3 rivers and my desire to want to hug these people I had not seen in two decades was reciprocated.

Some observations from that night of reminiscing and remembering: Father time had been kinder to the women than the men. While almost all the women looked as good, if not better, the men had fallen victim to less hair and more heft – myself included. It seemed everyone had three kids (except my dear friend, Karen, who had four including 2 twins. While some of the guys still had the same faces from 20 years ago, others had matured into men I scarcely recognized. Of course, there is a Pittsburgh connection to every story. My great friend, Lynn, married a man from Upper Saint Clair and one of the most beautiful women in my class, Stephanie, is a die-hard Black and Gold lover living in Massachusetts. She wanted to leave the reunion with the Steeler jacket I wore than night.

Hanging out 20 years later with Lynn,. Carolyn and Sue.

I also discovered one former classmate – Sue – “Googled” me and discovered the now-infamous You Tube video of my flight with the Blue Angels. The internet is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? I also discovered 20 years later, my former football teammates were still peeved about losing the game in the snowstorm that cost us a playoff spot – and so was I. Thanks to the reunion committee which did such a wonderful job (Aimee, Marcy, Maresa, Leslie, Kim, Julie, and Andrea).

Finally, let me leave you with this. The 20th reunion was not a time to brag about your accomplishments. If anything, it was quite the opposite. I discovered my peers were quite content where life had taken them. Many had left Simsbury only to move back and raise their kids in the place where they grew up. They discovered something that I am still learning: Success is not measured by dollars or deeds, but rather through your own eyes and by your own standards. While my career maybe noteworthy, my life has quite a way to go before I find the contentment my former classmates have achieved.

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