The Games I Play

It drew laughs and a look of shock from Melanie Taylor. She was truly stunned when I told her about my favorite hobby ( other than golf ). Since you were not part of our private conversation, I will share. Next to golf, my passion in life is “gaming”. Yes, I’m a “gamer”.

Unless you are part of generation Y, you probably have not heard the term “gamer” is used to describe some who plays video games. Usually that means your teenage son or daughter, but I have been playing games for years and now – at age 38 – I have no intention of slowing down. I first got into video games in high school, playing systems like Atari and Intellivision ( remember those ? ). As I entered the work force — and started to make some money — I started to spend some money on the newer systems and I’m definitely a PS2 guy.

PS2 is the PlayStation 2 system and that might make me a dinosaur among the kids who love the Xbox system, but I’m old fashioned in that regard and I’m waiting for the new state-of-the-art PS3 to hit store shelves next month.

Enough tech talk! Why is the world is a 38-year-old man spending his free time playing video games — and what games is he playing? I play to escape. I not only play games — I do the play-by-play while I’m playing. Acting as my own announcer even though today’s games have an entire TV presentation – including announcers. Right now, I’m playing the “MLB o6” game and I’m the Tigers as I face the Cardinals in the best-of-seven World Series ( right now, I’m down three games to none ). When you don’t have kids, you do have some time to actually be a kid and that’s why I love video games.

I’m only into the sports games though. Now “Grand Theft Auto” or any of the violent titles. It’s not fun gunning down people — real or virtual — for fun. Check out the pictures below and see my most recent acquisitions.

Does this make me just a big child? Maybe, but there is nothing more fun than escaping reality for a few minutes with a trip into a virtual playland. Given today’s technology, that virtual playland has become more real than ever. Still, I have to be careful. I sometimes end up playing so long I forget the time. I almost arrived late for work one morning after getting the new “Tiger Woods 2007”.

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