Just Another Morning in the Action Newsroom

Wonder what Kelly Frey and I do during the breaks between updates during “Good Morning America”? Let me take you behind the scenes of our secret world.

The time is 8:40am. Our floor director, Matt, is sitting by my desk showing me the latest YouTube video when Kelly Frey leaned over trying to turn the station on the TV between our desks. Don’t ask me why, but Kelly has a picture frame on her desk with real live fish hook on the frame. Well, she somehow got her jacket caught in the fish hook which did it’s job. Before she knew it, she was stuck and could not get her jacket sleeve free.

She asked me to help. So I pulled out a pair of cuticle scissors ( don’t ask me why I have a pair of those ) and tried to cut the jacket loose. I couldn’t do that and hold the frame in place, so Matt assisted us and Kelly took her jacket off while we tried to remove the fish hook.

Now try and imagine what this scene looked like at 8:50am – six minutes before I’m supposed to go on the air and do my “Good Morning America” cut-in. Then again, you can see how it looked:

Yes, we did finally get the fish hook surgically removed from the jacket and saved the jacket. Just thought you would enjoy a little slice of life in the newsroom.


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  1. apple ipad future…

    Hey mate, thanks 4 sharing but this page isnt vewable when using Chrome it is doubled up….

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