The name is Stockey … Andrew Stockey

Friday night, I will be serving as emcee of the Variety Children’s charity event downtown. It’s a black tie event, so I will have to pull out the old “monkey suit” as some call it. However, going ties and tails reveals something about every man’s fantasy so ladies, listen closely.

No matter what your man tells you, when we put on a tuxedo — at least for a moment — we imagine ourselves being James Bond, secret agent 007. I know I look into the mirror once I have my bow-tie set and hear the James Bond theme running through my head and I’m sure I’m not alone. Then again, none of us look as good as the guy below.

That’s Daniel Craig. The sixth actor to play the suave and sophisticated secret agent and he makes his debut next weekend in “Casino Royale” which based upon Ian Fleming’s first book about his fictional British spy. How do I know so much about James Bond? If you read my bio, you will see I consider myself a huge James Bond fan. I have seen every movie and have almost all the soundtracks as well as several books. I’m very excited about the film and we’re planning to have a group ( which includes reporters Gus Rosendale and Aaron Saykin ) go see the premiere next Friday.

What is is about Bond? I wish I could tell you. It’s not just the girls or the gadgets or the bad guys, but it’s a combination of all those things that wind up being every man’s fantasy. Of course, I take that fantasy to the extreme. My computer screen saver is the movie poster and I check the Bond news website daily. You should check it out, too:

Pierce Brosnan was my favorite Bond actor. “Licence to Kill” was my favorite Bond film, but I think “Casino Royale” will be great because it takes us back to the beginning – to Bond’s roots. We find out why he’s a sexist and a womanizer and so cold and callous when it comes to killing. I can’t wait for next Friday. Then again, I can’t wait to wear the tux tonight.

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