10 Reasons to Give Thanks

I think everyone can come up with 10 reasons to give “thanks” on this thanksgiving holiday. Here’s my list of what I’ll be thinking about – and thanking the Lord for – before I dive into dinner. In no particular order:

1. For the continued good health of mom and dad who are also near 70.

2. For our dog , Boobaloo. An abused bischon/poodle, he wandered into our lives and forever changed us and the way we love each other.

3. Football. Pro, college or high school, there is nothing better – especially on Thanksgiving. Here’s hoping the Detroit Lions actually give us a good game this Thursday and not another turkey.
4. For Bob O’Connor. Getting to know him and getting to see him fulfill his lifelong dream. He always wanted to be mayor of Pittsburgh. While his tenure was too short, his impact will be felt for years to come.

5. For my wife Sharon. Her common sense, her forgiving nature and her love and support. With apologizes to Lou Gehrig, I’m the luckiest man on the face of the earth.

6. For golf – western Pa’s great golf courses – and my golfing buddy Big Joe. What would I do without them?

7. For the giving people of Western PA. I go to charity events all the time and I am still amazed at how generous wit their dollars and their time.

8. For my new job in the mornings. WTAE has given me a chance to move my career in a new direction and given me a home the last 11 years.
9. For Kelly, Demetrius, Melanie and Dana (our morning show producer). They have become my second family and only because of their support and friendship have I been able to make a smooth transition.

10. For Playstation 2 and “hopefully” 3. Honey, I hope you got the hint for the holidays.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours — and good luck with your list. May your life be as blessed as mine has been.


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