My Best of 2006

I was reading Maxim magazine the other day ( don’t ask me why ) and they, like every other magazine, came out with thier year-end list. Problem was, none of the events happened in 2006 and those that did were baffling to say the least. For instance, “Point Break” was thier DVD of the year. Great, but it came out 5 years ago. They gave singer Ashlee Simpson top comeback honors. Excuse me, when did she come back from the disaster that her career has become.

With that in mind, here’s my year end list of the best. Feel free to agreee, disagree or just dismiss the whole list.

BEST SONG/VIDEO: Christina Aguilera, “Ain’t No Other Man”:
I never listened to her music — until I saw this video. Now, the song is my ringtone.

BEST PERFORMANCE ON CAMERA: Sally Wiggin, “Steeler Nation”:
She’s one deep thinker. Her responses in this NFL Films documentary are pure brilliance.

SPORTSMAN OF THE YEAR: Pittsburgh Steelers.
Greatest post-season run in history — and they didn’t even win thier division.

COLLAPSE OF THE YEAR: Same as above.
Making history agaain — and still not the best team in thier division.

BEST BLING: Steeler Super Bowl Ring.
Great to see one for the thumb, but I think the virtual ring we designed prior to the unveiling looks better.

“She’s got soul, she’s got class, she’s got style ….” ( lyrics borrowed from Ms Aguilera).

He lived his dream during his brief tenure as mayor — and that’s why we celebrate him in death.

GROWING UP FAST: Mayor Luke Ravenstahl and Sidney Crosby
Two 20-somethings thrown into high-pressure situations and maturing before our eyes.

Am I the only person who’s flabbergasted that this clown Tom Cruise gets this much attention?

I can finally find my favorite music videos from the 80’s – and not have to wair for VH1.

BEST TV AD: National City Points Spot:
You know an ad has hit its mark if you fin yourself humming the music at 4am in the morning.

TOP DVD: “Wedding Crashers”
The first 20 minutes of the DVD were great. Then again, I love anything Vince Vaughn does

TOP TREND IN MY WORLD: Text messaging.
With keyboards on cellphones easier to use, why call when you can just leave a message?

BIGGEST WASTE OF MONEY: North Shore Connector.
$435M to connect the North Shore to downtown? Anybody heard of the Clemente Bridge?

BAD GIRL OF THE YEAR: Actress Sienna Miller.
She came to shoot a movie and instead shot herself in the foot. Ripping the city of Pittsburgh – apologizing – and then cussing out a bartender. Her actions are the real “Mystery of Pittsburgh”.

Enjoy and discuss.


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