Adults Gone Wild

Every morning, Kelly and myself present two hours of news in the morning and not a day goes by where there isn’t some story that grabs my attention for its lunacy or insanity. But this morning, there were four stories that absolutely shocked me and had me wondering aloud about the state of parenting in this country.

First up — from our own backyard. This comes from Turtle Creek where a man held a school bus at bay with his handgun. The man allegedly thought the kids in the bus — junior high school basketball players — had nothing better to do than throw stones at his car.

At least those kids walked away unharmed. Not the case in Columbus, Ohio where three teenagers were throwing eggs at passing cars. One of the drivers hit, clearly unhappy that someone ruined his paint job, chased down the children and shot a 14-year-old to death.

While these maybe crazy loners doing these devious deeds, parents are not immune from these incredible acts of stupidity. Case in point in Erie, where a woman attacked her boyfriend –with her baby. Swinging the child like the four-month old was a baseball bat. The child suffered a concussion but will live.

Another parent claims she made a mistake when she poured vodka into her baby’s formula bottle — and served the child her first drink — about 20 years before she’s legally allowed to do so. The result? The baby had an alcohol limit four times the legal limit.

The point is these are four examples of absolute asinine behavior by adults that hurts our most precious commodity — our children. There is no defense for these acts and it makes me sick to tell these stories to you — especially the ones involving parents who should know better. Then again, comedian Dennis Miller once said of parenting “it’s the hardest job in the world, but the easiest one to get. Just screw up once and it’s yours!”.

I can only hope these people — if guilty — are not prosecuted to the letter of the law, but also prevented from ever getting within one mile of a child. There is no excuse for such behavior and this is one of those things for which there is not justifiable defense — not insanity, not a bad day at the office, nothing.
I’ll get off my soapbox – but I had to say something.


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