What’s In a Name …

… Plenty, if you are trying to wish someone the best during the holidays. In the politically-correct ( PC ) world we live in, the very act of wishing some well during the holidays has become a topic of controversy and conjecture.

You know what I am talking about — the words “Merry Christmas”. A simple and joyous phrase has become the focal point of a national controversy. Prior to this year, some stores would not even let their employees utter these two seemingly innocent words. Fox News calls it a “war of Christmas”. I wouldn’t go that far, but this has gotten a little out of hand — and an example in my office here at channel 4 illustrates this insanity.
A local newspaper was looking for photos of various channel 4 personalities sitting on Santa’s lap as children for a feature. The memo we received asked for these “Christmas” photos and then, at the end, featured a line that went something like this: If you don’t celebrate Christmas, please forgive me for offending you.

“Offending”? Has it gotten that bad that people cannot make a simple request for a holiday photo without “offending” someone? The same has occurred with other items such as a charity in another state turning down free dolls for kids because some of the dolls were Jesus Christ.

Hey folks, it’s time for a reality check and time to get real. I’m not offended when someone wishes me a “Happy Saint Patty’s Day” and I’m not Irish. I don’t throw a hissy fit when people talk about Mother’s Day — even though I should being that I’m a man. The point is no one is trying to offended Jews, Muslims or any other group when they happen to say “Merry Christmas”.

People who say it are only trying to extend warm wishes and if they have ask what faith you follow before asking, then the spirit of the season seems lost. If I know in advance, of course I will say “Happy Hanukkah” or ” Happy Kwanzaa”. But people, when someone says the “N-word” in my presence, I’m offended. If someone wishes me a “Happy Hanukkah” I understand.

Let’s all lighten up and enjoy the spirit of the season — no matter what faith we follow. Still, so I don’t offend anyone, I wish you and yours a “MerryChristmasHappyHanukkahHappy KwanzaaHappyHolidaysSeasonGreetings”. I think that covers everyone.


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