A Tradition and a Thank You

Before I start blogging, I’m going to turn over the keyboard to my wife, Sharon, who wants to share a few thoughts with you regarding my last blog. Honey …

I wanted to thank everyone who has responded to Andrew’s recent blog
about my smoking addition. I am completely overwhelmed with the number
of emails expressing empathy and encouragement. Most of the comments
are from former smokers-and they know that of which they speak. It has
been really inspirational to hear from the many of the Pittsburgh Channel
readers and I want them all to know how grateful I am for their
heartfelt support. When I feel like I’m stumbling, I’ll make sure to
re-read the many emails of encouragement. Thank you and Happy Holidays!

Thanks, honey. Now, let me tell you about a holiday tradition Sharon and I will be enjoying. Saturday afternoon will be the 18th annual “Shopping Day” and it will take place at a local bar which will remained unnamed. It began when a couple of law school buddies I know had to do some 11th hour Christmas shopping and decided to meet at a local bar, grab some catalogues and order presents by phone.

Let’s just say they never got to actually ordering presents.

Since then, it has become a chance to get together with friends, family and people you don’t see all year and celebrate the season. What started with a couple of guys and a bartender has become 50-people plus and includes kids and extended family. I can’t think of a better way to enjoy the holidays – and avoid the holiday rush – then “Shopping Day”.

Finally, before I depart for the holidays, I want to right a wrong. In my November 17th blog, I showed a photo and failed to attribute to the proper source. It came from blogger Mike Woycheck. Mike, thanks for reminding me the same rules that apply in journalism, apply in cyberspace.

I’m off on vacation and will be back blogging in 2007! Thanks for reading and responding.


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