Take a week off … and look what happens!

Happy New Year!

I take one week off and look how much the world changes. We lose a godfather, a former President and a despot. They say these things happen in threes and such is the case with the deaths of James Brown, Gerald Ford and Saddam Hussein.

We will always be able to enjoy the wonderful music of the godfather of Soul. Meanwhile, the death of Gerald Ford while not surprising because of his age was very sad because he is the first President I can actually remember. The years after Watergate were tumultuous and Ford provided calm leadership that helped guide us through the storm.

While Ford will not be remembered say one hundred years from now, he offers a lesson that our modern day leaders could learn from. Ford found consensus building the way to move the nation forward at a time of a deep divide. It would be nice of our leaders in Washington today could put aside their petty bickering, infighting and backstabbing and work together. That would truly be a tribute to the late President than these public tributes.

As for Saddam, I could not understand why there was so much ridicule of Fox News when they had the headline “Hanged!” in bold letters on the front page of their website. Some critics accused the cable network of celebrating the death of Hussein. Hello? Does anybody remember what a tyrant this man was? He was compared by both democrats and republicans, liberals and conservatives to the anti-Christ himself – Adolf Hitler. Now, upon his hanging, suddenly some people are getting religion and trying to mark this as a somber occasion. Hey, I don’t want to see someone die, but if someone had it coming to them – it was this guy.

But all this pales in comparison to the story that rocked the world while I was away – Rosie vs. Trump. You could not escape the verbal confrontation between the Donald and the O’Donnell. Look, I don’t like Rosie but Trump is no better. Frankly, I would love to see these two locked in a cage and fight it out. It would make a great PPV event. Other than that, I could care less about these two fools and it’s a shame they get any press at all.

I’ll be back later this week with photos from my Christmas vacation in Chicago.

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