Keeping the Dream Alive

Martin Luther King Day

For many of you, it’s a holiday and a three-day weekend. For me, it’s a day at the office but it’s also a day to celebrate a man who obviously has made a difference in my life. If not for Dr. King, I doubt I would enjoy the full benefits and liberties of American life. His dream of racial equality and harmony has been achieved — for the most part.

However, I received a reminder in the mail last week of just how far we still have to come. A postcard was sent – unsigned – from the Rochester area. I won’t say exactly what was written on the postcard but let’s just say it was at best unflattering and at its worst racist. It played to stereotypes and left me feeling somewhat angered and insulted. It reminded me that we still live in a country where race often defines our roles and how we are viewed.

It was the first bit of overt racism I have experienced since coming here 12 years ago — and that’s staying something about our region and area. Of course, I’m not naive enough to think that because I don’t hear it that racism doesn’t exist. As much as I wish the world was color-blind, I know better.

That’s what I have always enjoyed working in television news. Our newsroom is made up of people of different races and background – all working towards a common goal and purpose. Even on the set, our morning newscast represents what Dr. King sought to achieve. Look at the makeup of our crew – it’s two black men and two white women working as one with none having a greater role than the other.

I hope someday Dr. King’s dream will be completely fulfilled. I know we are heading in the right direction, but I also know we have work to do and miles to go before we reach that ultimate dream. Have a wonderful holiday everyone.

( MLK photo Courtesy: Associated Press )

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