OK, I’m stepping back into sports for a moment. The topic is the story that everyone is talking about – the hiring of Mike Tomlin as Steelers head coach. Normally, my predictions are way off, but I want to show you my blog entry from January 8th:

“Of course, and you heard it here, do not be surprised if Vikings assistant Mike Tomlin gets the job. He is in the coaching mold of a Bill Cowher and this team has a history of hiring coaches who are often under the radar. Tomlin would be consistent with that coaching history — and would be the first
African-American head coach in Steeler history.”

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Click here to watch the video of Andrew’s report which aired that night on WTAE Channel 4 Action News.)

I just wish I had put some money down on this prediction. Truthfully, I did not do this to gloat, but rather say that the Rooneys did the right thing by hiring the man who best fits the mold they were looking to fill. If I presented you his resume and took you back in time 15 years, it looks the same as Bill Cowher’s credential list.

I’m excited to have a young energetic up-and-coming coach, but I have to admit that I am disheartened by the discussion on Steeler message boards everywhere – including here. People who have a problem because he is a black coach, and those who actually believe the Steelers hired Tomlin “because” of his skin color. Steeler Nation, let’s get a grip: Do you really believe this franchise – which is on the verge of another playoff run next season – would hire someone who was unqualified just to satisfy a quota? If you do, then some of you are not smart enough to understand the game of football to begin with.

We have two franchises — the Colts and Bears — which are going to the Super Bowl with black head coaches, and yet Pittsburgh is debating whether a black man can lead the black and gold. This is troubling because I have seen how open-minded Pittsburgh can be. For this to become a question of race makes our town – which is on the rise – take a giant step back to a time I’m sure none of us want to remember, whether we are black or white. To paraphrase Dr. Martin Luther King, let’s not judge Tomlin by the color of his skin but rather the content of his character — and his record next season.
Good luck


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