The "Ex" Files

I have never thought of Pittsburgh as a big city. Rather it’s a small town, where there are only three degrees of separation between you and the person next to you. I learned that lesson once again — twice this week.

Monday, I was doing a live shot at noon in the cultural district when I heard a voice from behind say “Hi, Andrew”. I turned and looked — and was startled. It was a woman I had dated almost nine years ago. We chatted briefly before she went on her way to her job at the Center for the Performing Arts. I could chalk all this up to coincidence – except deja vu struck the very next day.

While on a story with one of our new college interns, the young woman told me we had a mutual connection. Seems when she was in sixth grade, her best friend’s mother dated me. Wow! Flashbacks to almost ten years ago.

My wife, Sharon, used to call me a “serial dater” because these meeting have happened before when Sharon has been with me. I guess I did date a lot before finally getting together with Sharon eight years ago. In fact, you could call Sharon an “ex” because we actually broke up the first time we dated — then got back together when we realized we were meant for one another.

The point here is that dating – believe it or not — is like shopping: You have to try on many different sizes before you find the one that fits. I tell Sharon that I dated a lot because I was searching for that perfect person – and finally, I found here. I think she buys into it.

One more bit of coincidence: Those two women I told you about? Both were named Jane.

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