Behind the Scenes: The Coffee Maker

What is the fuel that powers the morning show? The producers? The anchors” Scott Stiller’s interesting observations from Sky 4? Wrong on all accounts. The morning show – as Kelly and I like to joke – is that first cup of java. Coffee has become my best friend at 5am and I thought I would take you to the source of our life force – the coffee maker.

Here it is:

It sits in the men’s makeup room on the counter. It’s hardly an amazing sight, but it becomes the center of all activity before I even log onto a computer and looking at scripts. While we enjoy the basic Maxwell House and Folgers House blends, our producer Dana got us a six-pack of flavored coffee from Starbucks that we enjoy throwing into the mix.

Recently, our routine has been thrown off — with the discovery of a malfunction in the coffee-making process: You can see the spout is missing. Somehow, over the course of a few weeks, it started chipping off until it was completely gone. The missing spout makes it difficult to pour that first cup of java without spilling the brew on the counter. I have discovered the best way to pour is to go over the skin and pour from an angle.

Still, it’s time to get a new coffee maker but right now no one seems to be in a rush to get one. Not that we all can’t afford to buy one, but it’s one of those we complain about every morning — and no one bothers to make it better.

I’m guessing it will probably fall on me to make the major-league move – and get a new coffee machine. Wonder if I can write if off as a business expense?


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