Lighten Up

Has everybody got a sense of humor? Obviously not. Recent reaction to a couple of Super Bowl commercials has me wondering what you could put on television that would not be offensive.

You know what I’m talking about. The infamous “Snickers” ad during the big game. The one where two guys start sharing opposite ends of a Snickers bar and wind up sharing a kiss and then freak out. Gay and lesbian groups went crazy, forcing Snickers to pull the ad. Look, I laughed and thought it was funny – and at no time did I feel homophobic. I would freak out if I ended up smooching my best friend — for reasons that have nothing to do with homosexuality.

Then, the PC police struck again later in the game. A cute and creative General Motors ad shows a robot who makes a mistake at the plant getting fired. He ultimately feels sorry for himself and commits suicide. Then, he wakes up and realizes its a dream. It was cute and clever, but not to suicide prevention advocates. They are up in arms with the GM’s “cavalier” attitude towards suicide and demands the spot be taken off the air.

One final example of PC gone crazy. The ACLU is defending a man who was cited by police for giving an officer the finger. The ACLU’s contention is that “flipping the bird” is protected by the first amendment.

Folks, this has gotten ridiculous. For the groups offended by those two Super Bowl ads, please get a sense of humor and lighten up. Part of being able to be assimilated into a society is the ability to be able to take a joke and get up unscathed. There was nothing demeaning in either ad and the fact that these groups see nothing but hate in the TV spots, tells you where they are coming from.

As for the ACLU, they have an important job in defending the civil liberties of people who are used and abused – and that job is taken a little less seriously when they spend money to defend a man who “flipped off” a police officer.

Look people, I’m part of a racial group that has been at the butt of more jokes than any demographic in the history of man and I don’t see every “black joke” as an insult to my people. So for those offended by commercials, comments or just the fact that someone looked at them funny here’s my advice: “Lighten Up”! The sooner you do, the sooner you can become part of this mosaic we call the United States.


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