iPod .. Therefore, I am


What’s the one piece of modern technology that you have that you could not live without?

I know most of you – men or women, boy or girl, child or adult – will say the cell phone. Makes sense. After all, we are now never out of touch and can instantly reach anyone at anytime. Of course, that’s not always the best thing. I used to be able to escape to the golf course or the beach and not worried about being contacted by the office.

For me, nothing has changed my world like my iPod. Six months ago, the only thing I knew about the iPod was that Apple did some cool looking commercials with silhouetted people dancing to U2 with earphones.

Then, things changed last fall. While having lunch with a girl friend of mine ( as opposed to a “girlfriend”. I’m married for goodness sake ), she told me she was getting an iPod shuffle as a gift for herself. I asked her what the shuffle was, so she took me after lunch to a nearby iPod store and it was there I was exposed to the world of the Apple iPod.

I don’t think of myself as tech-savvy guy, but I was instantly amazed with the product – and the ability to put my CD’s all on a mechanism smaller than a credit card. In the space of 30 minutes, I went from being curious to actually buying an iPod nano .. which allows me to save 2000 songs and carry with them anywhere I want.

Now, how the iPod has changed my life. I use it at work while I’m typing scripts or reading copy and — sometimes — just before we go on the air ( but don’t tell anyone ). The biggest change has come at the gym. While I like to work out, I get bored lifting or running the treadmill. Not anymore. Now, with the iPod, I’m jamming to my favorite tunes and actually doing more work in the gym. The difference can be seen in the pants I wear — which I find are getting roomier around the waistband.

OK, my AM producer tells me I’m obligated to tell you about what’s on my iPod. Since I have 1300 songs — and only a few lines – let me give you play list I use for my workout:

Bryan Ferry: Kiss and Tell
Christina Aguilera: Ain’t No Other Man
Go West: Never Let Them See you Sweat
House of Pain: Jump Around
Jeffrey Osborne” Don’t Get So Mad About It
Justin Timberlake: SexyBack
Lisa Stansfield: The Real Thing
Pink: Get This Party Started
Phil Collins: Sussudio

What do all these songs have in common? All upbeat songs that have a beat and pump you up — both physically and mentally.

Then, my cool down song:
Simply Red: Holding Back the Years

Strand me on any deserted island – and I can live without my cell phone and cable, but don’t take my iPod from me. It’s become the one item I can’t do without.


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