Back on campus

If you have ever read my bio, than you know I went to college at Ohio University ( that’s not the Ohio State University, this is OU located in the southeastern corner of the state ). I spent my college years ( 1986-89 ) in the town of Athens located on the Hocking River. It’s a small campus, but somehow they squeeze 16,000+ into the place.

While I’ve always been proud of the college I attended, I never had much reason to talk about much since I graduated. The sports teams have historically been mediocre and everybody confuses it with OSU. But this weekend, I was asked to come back to campus and speak to the next generation of journalists in a panel discussion.

Ohio U may not be much for athletics ( aside from being able to pump my chest when they knocked off Pitt in football last fall ), but we have a very good school of communications and the Scripps Howard Journalism school is among the best in the country.

The thing that really stood out during my day back on campus was how much things had changed physically. The old, cramped student center was replaced by a four-story high glass behemoth. The uptown business section – once loaded with nothing but bars – now had restaurants and boutiques. The journalism had replaced it’s old outdated word processors with the latest in computer technology.

While the campus had changed physically, the feeling had not. I felt a certain kinship with the current students there – and felt like I had really never left. 18 years had past – and I could still remember all the names of the dorm buildings and remember where each of my classes took place. While high school memories are often more intimate because of the changes you experience during those years, the college memories also hold special meaning because it really is your first taste of adulthood.

Now that I’m back and I’m an alumnus that the school wants to re-establish ties with, I want to do the same. I guess I’m at the point in life where instead of being annoyed with calls from the school seeking donations, I should embrace the opportunity as a chance to give back to a place that gave so much to me.

Still wondering if anyone ( besides me ) went to this school, check out our famed alumni:

Matt Lauer ( NBC Today Show )
Erin Keinzle ( WTAE meteorologist )
Roger Ailes ( President, Founder of Fox News )
Nancy Cartwright ( Voice of Bart Simpson )
Gary Trent ( NBA Player )
Arsenio Hall ( Comedian & Actor )
Peter King ( NFL Writer for Sports Illustrated )
With a little work, perhaps I’ll make this list someday

(Ohio University logo; courtesy Ohio University )


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