One Action-Packed Weekend

Working mornings has made me appreciate one thing – the value of your time off. Usually, I leave work Fridays after 1pm and return Monday morning at 3:30am. Assuming I hit the pillow at 6pm on Sunday, that’s less about 53 hours of weekend time .. and there’s so much to do over the course of weekend. Of course, you know the feeling of not having enough time to get it all in. However, this weekend was different for me.

It started after I got home Friday about 3pm and walked our dog, Boobaloo. After a quick shower, it was back in town to meet Sharon and friends for drinks and appetizers at Hyde Park – a new restaurant/lounge on the North Side. They have some wonderful food — and martinis. Only stayed there an hour because I had to be at Mellon Arena by 6:30pm for an exhibition basketball game between some Pittsburgh celebrities and some current Steelers. My team featured local TV guys like Demetrius Ivory and some others as well as the son of the late mayor, Corey O’Connor and former NBA star Armon Gilliam. Franco Harris was our head coach. I played ten minutes, failed to score – and we only lost by two – but it was a thrill to play on the Arena floor in front of a couple thousand fans.

Back home at 10pm, I went to sleep before waking up after 6am Saturday ( my version of sleeping in ) and headed downtown for the inaugural star climb for the American Lung Association. Michelle Wright was the host – and she recruited some of my fellow WTAE co-workers ( Ashley DiParlo, Sally Wiggin and assistant news director Roberta Petterson ) to join 60-plus participants in a 45-flight race through the stairwell of Oxford Center to the top. That’s 1080 steps! We all did and we all made it – although it’s tough to catch your breath running through a stairwell.

After that morning run, it was off to the Strip district to buy some kalamata olives and feta cheese. Why? Sharon and myself were serving as celebrity chefs later in the day for cook-off in Fayette County to raise funds in the battle against colon cancer. We make enough for 125 people that morning before grabbing some lunch ourselves and a quick afternoon nap. Then, we both left late Saturday afternoon for the event. Once there, we were joined by Mike Clark and 450 people for an evening for food, fun and fundraising – all the brainchild of Joseph Caleigh ( a colon cancer survivor and the chef at “Caleigh’s” in Uniontown.

The even wrapped up at 9pm Saturday. Plenty of time for Sharon and I to hop in the car and drive into town to a party being hosted by Traffic Watch 4’s Melanie Taylor. She and her husband have a new house and she invited all of her friends and family as well as the morning team to come over and have check it out. It was a great time meeting all her friends as well as having some time for those of us that work together to be able to relax and enjoy each other’s company — and to sit on the deck on a cool, but pleasant spring night. Sharon and I finally got home after 1am Sunday morning.

Up at 7am the next day – and time to go food shopping. We have almost nothing in the house and we stocked up on everything a working couple needs — orange juice, salsa, dog food. We managed to finish up about 11am. Enough time for me to throw on my Sunday best and hit the links for a round of golf with the guys at Hickory Heights. It was wet and the ball didn’t fly very far, but it was nice getting in a round on a gorgeous day in western PA.

After a quick stop at the 19th hole, it was home for a dinner of lamb shanks with Sharon, some fun time with Boobaloo and then, off to bed. Boy, I’m tired just recapping the weekend – but it’s prove you can get everything in during these spring weekends. Weekends tat go by way too fast. Maybe I’ll work on the yard next weekend.

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