The Morning Crew Does Breakfast

Although the morning show crew wakes up before dawn, we never actually have a formal breakfast. I usually grab some orange juice and I’m sure each one of us eats something in the car or out the door on the way to work. However, a suggestion by Demetrius Ivory one morning led to the inaugural “Channel 4 Action News This Morning” breakfast buffet.

Everybody contributed something. From producer Nick Matoney’s doughnuts, to Melanie Taylor’s early morning run to McDonald’s to photographer Franklin Duck’s bacon binge to Kelly Frey’s homemade muffins and – of course — reporter Marcie Cipriani making sure we had plates and utensils. But MVP honors go to photographer Ralph Bell and his homemade hash brown and egg casserole.

It was great to see everyone pitching in and that’s what makes our crew so special. I wanted to make a major contribution and contribute a quiche, but I was so sick on Wednesday ( if you could not tell watching the news that morning ) that I layed in bed and did nothing. My only contribution? Orange juice and glasses.

Still, it’s fun when we can get together and do something as simple as breakfast together. I’ve been a lone wolf most of my life, so it’s cool to be part of a team that can share moments like this off the air. Plus, nothing brings people closer together than filling your face with food at 4:30 in the morning.

By the way, Kelly – as you can see – is kind of shy at 4:30am. The only bummer at this team breakfast is that nobody brought pancakes. I love pancakes. Then again, where am I going to find room to enjoy pancakes in between reading copy. I just wish all of you could join us for the breakfast buffet.

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