Enough Already!

I hate to complain – especially since I have always tried to base my blog on positive things – but I have to vent. I am so sick of this weather. I thought this was April, but all we have seen is weather more akin to December. To be honest, it was warmer on December 16th than it is on this April 16th. I feel bad venting, but I can’t take this anymore. My golf clubs are sitting in the basement gathering dust. The deck furniture I put out two weeks is being blown all over the place. When I got up this morning, the trash cans I had put out last night even had their tops blown off – never to be seen again.

Whether it’s global warming – or just one of those strange springs – it has done nothing but put me in the dumps. I think everyone in our newsroom has that cold weather funk and it’s affecting their moods. Not to say that everyone is in a bad mood, but you can tell everyone is near their breaking point when it comes this cold weather – and now we have to contend with snow.

Even worse, I have already put my winter clothes away and restocked my closet with my spring wardrobe. Maybe I should have waited, but our web reporter Ashley DiParlo told me the other day she wants to do the same thing and it’s killing her she has to wait for the weather to improve.

OK, I’m done venting but on a positive note, word from the Weather Watch 4 center is that we have a warm-up on the way this weekend. It’s about time. I’m bringing out the sun early below. Hope it gets you through what hopefully will be the final days of winter weather.
BTW: I wanted to do this for awhile. I want to thank Jim Shireman and his site http://www.sportsocracy.org for allowing me to take part in their on-line NCAA tournament. I didn’t win, but I actually fared better than I did in any other tournament pool I took part in. It was also nice having some of the participants talk smack .. they could be rough, but I know it was all done in jest. Jim, thanks again and please have me back next year.


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