Evil: Up Close and Personal

A rare glimpse into the mind of evil.

Cho Seung-Hui’s “multimedia manifesto” was filled with hate and rage. It was horrifying to watch this killer “reach out from the grave” and hurt even more innocent people. He clearly was not playing with a full deck, but at the same time he knew who his targets were and the damage he wanted to inflict. The pictures give us more than a glimpse into what those terrifying final moments must have been for those 32 victims.

You will no doubt hear the blame game played in the days and weeks to come. Various voices will look to this tape and begin to pin the massacre and the killer’s rage on everything from the school’s failure to recognize the warning signs, lax gun control laws in the state — and perhaps, even global warming ( doesn’t it seem global warming gets the blame for everything these days? ). But let us put the blame where it squarely belongs — on the gunman himself.

Yes, he was “mentally ill” but he was well enough to carefully plan and execute the worst killing spree in American history — and in between, still have time to go to the post office to mail his media confession to NBC. I don’t care about how he slipped through the cracks of the system. That issue is for bigger minds than mine to figure out. I just know now — after seeing this tape — that he is evil, pure and simple. I can only hope and pray there is a special place in the netherworld for this individual.

BTW, tragedies such as this bring out several voices with several theories about what happened. However, the comments of a couple of commentators made me ill. National talk show host Neil Boortz and National Review writer John Derbyshire both questioned the courage of the students who were killed. They asked why the students didn’t rush the gunman rather than “let” themselves be shot. I would call these two commentators and their analysis stupid — but that would be an insult to stupid people. It amazes me that Don Imus gets fired for his comments, but these two idiots are still employed after words that, to many, were even more hateful and hurtful.


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