Working Day and Night

If you are one of those earlier risers who leaves the house at 6am and come back at 5pm, you might have done a double take – if you watched WTAE Tuesday. Yes, it was me co-anchoring the 5am and 5pm broadcasts.

Due to some people being sick and others being away “on assignment” ( as they say in the TV business ), I was left to co-anchor the morning and the evening broadcasts. Sounds like a long day — and it was. Just not in the way you might think.

Channel 4 Action News at 5am and 5pm are two completely different shows – and not just because of the person sitting in the chair next to me. Yes, Wendy and Kelly have different styles but they are both fun to hang out with and each makes me feel comfortable – in their own ways.

The 5am broadcast is a lot like your morning cup of coffee. Gently waking you up and not rushing you along. It’s comfortable – like your favorite pair of slippers. Also, there’s routine that viewers become accustomed to in the mornings. Traffic, weather and business all hit at a certain time every morning – thus people can set their routine by what’s on the morning broadcast. Plus, we get to chat with Robin Roberts about all sorts of stuff.
If the 5am is like a leisurely cup of coffee, the 5pm is like a can of Mountain Dew. It’s a real jolt and full of adrenaline because the program is much faster-paced. Wendy and I have a lot to get to in just the one hour versus two hours of morning TV.

While the shows are different – the co-anchors are very much the same. Both are kind and gracious. Both are professionals, too. The only bad thing for me is that I have switch seats – which stinks. I’m used to being on the left with Kelly and it was a little weird being on the right with Wendy.

BTW, you are probably wondering how long I worked. Here’s the good news: I left after 9am and returned at 4pm to do the evening broadcast. So did I get some sleep? Of course not. With the sun out and temps in the 60’s, I got in 9 holes of golf.

And yes, I did switch ties between the morning and evening shows

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