"Did You Lose Weight?"

How happy would you be to hear those words?

Even though we all think we look good, there is always this nagging feeling we share – men or women – that we could lose a few pounds and look a little bit better. That feeling grows as we get older and try to fight off both father time – and grandfather gravity.

I never thought of myself as a heavy person – until I started hearing getting the question in the above title. I have been to several events in the past month and have had men and women start by saying I look like I have lost weight. It’s flattering, but I never thought I had to lose weight. Most of my life, I have been an athlete and been in good shape. I guess I started getting heavier when I started working in sports. Things such as working late, drinking too much alcohol and eating at odd hours all contributed to an increase in weight — which reached 220 as late as last year.

I really never noticed until I started going to my closet and finding pants that were too small. It bothered me and made me commit to changing my lifestyle instead of taking the easy way out — which in my case meant going to the tailor.

Now, I weigh 205 and not only are my pants fitting — some are too big. So what have I done to lose those nagging few pounds and put some muscle on this 38-year-old body? I don’t know if this is the secret formula to weight loss — but here goes:

1. Start Running: 30 minutes on the treadmill at the gym is all I need.

2. Working mornings: Getting up at 2am is sure decrease your appetite for a big breakfast.

3. AM Power Bars: I eat energy bars filled with protein after the morning show

4. Why ride when you can walk: Up stairs or on the golf course, I walk as much as I can.

5. Going to bed early: When you hit the sack at 7pm, you don’t bother with a big dinner.

I’m no fitness freak, but I do want to look my best and be as healthy as possible as I close in on the big 4-0. Also, when you work in TV, a couple of extra pounds can really make you look bad. Heck, people always say to me I look thinner in person which makes me wonder – how heavy do I look on camera?

( Photo courtesy: Life Dynamix )


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