Hey, I heard you on the radio!

Who says TV is the glamorous life? I have discovered in this town you can do all the TV you want, but nothing seems to excite people when they hear you on the radio. In particular, WDVE.

The DVE Morning show, hosted by Jim Krenn and Randy Baumann is the most popular AM drive show in town — period. It draws the most coveted demographic with a mix of comedy, celebrity interviews and classic rock. Channel 4 has always had a good relationship with the show, with many of our on-air personalities making appearances or subbing as news and sports readers. Thursday morning, Jim and Randy, upon hearing that I flew with the Blue Angels pilot who was killed last weekend, decided to look at the video of my story on YouTube.com. What they found was a parody which cut between video of myself and another woman who went up separately – edited in a manner which made it seem like we were doing something other than flying ( I let you find the link on YouTube and see for yourself).

Anyway, they played the audio all morning long — and laughed and laughed. Well, I heard about it and called later in the morning. What followed was – from what I’m told – was a very funny interview. An interview that was so comical that Ben Roethlisberger later called the show and said it was the funniest bit he had ever heard.

Anyway, the rest of the day, people I knew or strangers on the street would stop me and say “Hey, I heard you on DVE!”. People told me they nearly drove off the road listening to the comedy bit – a bit I have still not heard but I will have to download the podcast and give it a listen. Here’s the link: www.dve.com/cc-common/podcast.html

The point here? There is something about radio in this town – always has been. Radio is a medium that touches people in a very personal way that television normally cannot – except perhaps during the morning news where we can be a little more light-hearted. Plus, those radio guys have groupies that follow them when they do remotes. TV folks don’t have any groupies, although we did have some sweet people come by and say “hi” to Kelly and myself at the wine fest Thursday night.

Hey everyone, thanks for the responses all week – and have a wonderful weekend. Yes, I will be golfing ( weather permitting ) but you never know what else the weekend will have in store.

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