Show and Tell

No deep thoughts this morning. Just a picture I have been meaning to share with you for a while now. The story in a moment. First, here’s the picture:
This snapshot was actually taken last fall — and no – I did not crash a wedding. Actually, I hit into a wedding.

Sharon, my best friend Joe and myself were playing golf at the Westwood Country Club in West Mifflin. We were playing the 18th hole when we spotted a wedding party snapping photos off to the side. Matt and Lindsay Dudek ( above ) had just gotten married and they were having the reception at the clubhouse.

My shot didn’t hit them, but I did walk over their direction when Matt recognized me and asked if he could use my golf cart for some pictures with the wedding party. I agreed — and after those shots, Matt asked if I would pose with he and his new bride.

I don’t know how I finished up on that hole, but I know I had fun knowing that I will always be part of their wedding album — although I’m sure when Lindsay is showing those pictures to her children sometime in the future, they will be asking – what’s with the guy in the shorts?

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