Big Ben’s Seal of Approval

What I thought was an innocent conversation has become the most-talked about interview in town. Those are not my words. This comes from my friends at WDVE’s Morning Show who have plenty of fun with the audio from my Blue Angels flight last summer. If you have not heard the laugh-filled interview, you can download the podcast from WDVE:

Still, I wondered if the bit was really that funny. Well, today, I got the seal of approval from none other than Big Ben himself. He usually rags me for plenty of stuff, but he was listening before the segment and … well I will let you here what number 7 had to say about it. Here’s the link to the video:

Hey, let me also make sure some people get credit for having placed this one moment in time on the world wide web – via YouTube. Local bloggers Tunesmith & Anthony created a version of my flight which cuts between myself and another reporter in town — and the results are both hilarious and risque. It’s been viewed some 2,600 times already and here’s where you find that piece of creativity:


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