Feel Smarter: Watch the News!

It never fails.

There are days when I forget to do something or make a mistake and start to think of myself as the dumbest person in the world. Then, sit down next to Kelly Frey and co-anchor the morning news.

Whatever stupid thing I do is instantly topped over the next two hours by something in the news. Case in point, the guy who flew overseas after being diagnosed with tuberculosis and then told by his doctors not to fly. So what does this guy – who happens to be an attorney do? He flies overseas, marries his fiance and then flies to Canada and drives back into the United States – all the while exposing everyone he makes he’s contact with to this deadly disease.

If anything defines the word “stupid”, it’s the actions of this man. The sad part of this is that Andrew Speaker’s actions are not isolated. Every day, there is one story we will read which will demonstrate just how dumb people can be — people who clearly aren’t the sharpest pencils in box.

Now I am a compassionate person, but I have to tell you there are some things that leave my jaw dragging on the ground. We’re talking about parents who forget to watch their kids or adults who decide to drink and drive and then are actually stunned when they get into an accident. The bad part about these stupid acts is that often someone else pays the price – usually with their lives.

I guess I’m just a fan of common sense – and every day there are examples of people forgetting to use this tool to run their everyday lives. I’m not that much smarter than anyone of these people you see on the news, I just have common sense and try to apply it every day – and maybe that’s why I’m telling you about these folks every morning — and have not ended up being one of these folks.

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