The Not-So-Cool Form of Driving

Bill Cowher makes his reality show debut tonight on WTAE. He joins the likes of William Shatner, Jewel and John Elway on the program “Fast Cars and Superstars”. Cowher and the other celebs will see if they have what it takes to drive around the oval and into stock car immortality.

While the show sounds like a lot of fun for the participants and a real test of driving skill, Cowher hinted during an interview we showed on Channel 4 Action News this morning that he’s doing this because he had never driven “stick” before and wants to show his family and friends he can do it.

After hearing this, I quickly remarked that I had never driven stick either. Kelly and Demetrius looked at me with complete shock – disbelieving that I had never chosen the manual way to drive.

Hey, let’s be honest. Driving stick – unless you are an automobile enthusiast – can be a real bore. I don’t need to be shifting gears every ten seconds – especially if I am on a road trip of any great length or time in the car. Granted, that pretty much eliminates me from being the designated driver in my group of friends, but I’m just not into stick shifting.

Yes, I have tried and I have my friends burned-out transmission to prove it. Sorry, but I would rather leave it in drive in mu automatic gear and focus on much more important things while I’m driving – things like using mu cell phone to text messages, eat food, play with the radio ( just kidding ). Of course, this is the same person who’s not “cool enough” to understand the appeal of Kenny Chesney.


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