Hilton Checks Out

I try not to write about Paris Hilton because I really do not think she is worth it. I mean I admire this woman has taken her massive fortune and used it to achieve a goal — in this case being famous for nothing. She has become a celebrity celebrated for accomplishing absolutely nothing.

Still, Hilton is worth a few moments in my blog after what may be the biggest miscarriage of justice since the O.J. verdict. OK, stay with me on this one. This woman is sent to prison for 23 days for violating her probation. 23 days. Three days into her stay in jail – in which see enjoyed her own cell – Hilton suddenly is allowed to go home, citing “medical reasons”. When the truth comes out, we learn she has suffered crying jags and refuses to eat prison food. Hilton cannot handle the emotional strain of prison and her high-priced lawyer gets her out early.

I know Paris does not read my blog, but if she did I would have this advice for her: Paris – it’s prison. It’s supposed to be unpleasant. It’s supposed to be emotionally trying and just because you are crying, it doesn’t mean you get to go home and serve the rest of your sentence in a minimum security mansion where you have access to all your toys.

Well, that is exactly what happened to Hilton. She is now home – under house arrest. That’s like you and I skipping school because we are supposedly sick and staying home all day to justify our decision to stay home. That’s no kind of sentence.

There is a sense that the justice system often favors those of a certain racial and economic background. That money and privilege can buy you a break from punishment. Those in the legal world say it’s not true. However, how else can you explain Paris Hilton’s sentence being lessened because she essentially threw a hissy fit?

There is talk this morning that Hilton might lose her”get out of jail free” card. Whether she does or she does not, the damage has been done and the proof is there. Justice maybe blind, but she it’s not immune to celebrity — or cash.

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