Time I Will Never Get Back

When I reach the end of my days – which hopefully is many years from now — I will still be upset when it’s time to take the big dirt nap. That’s because no matter what happens, I will never get back the hour of my life I lost last night watching HBO’s “The Sopranos”.

If you didn’t see it last night and have it on TiVo, the following paragraphs might spoil it for you. Then again, you will feel a whole lot better than I do — having to sit through and watch one major player get whacked — and then tuning in for an ending that left me completely unsatisfied. Paraphrasing the theme song: “Woke this morning .. .got myself a gun ” .. ready to blow my brains out after that horrible ending.

All you need to know is that inside the diner at the end, the tension was so great that you figured Tony – or Carmella – or A.J. was going to be killed just as Meadow was walking in. Instead, just before Meadow enters — the screen goes black! I thought my cable went out at the most inopportune time. Instead, they went to credits and there was nothing after that.

I was so mad — and felt so cheated. I know it’s a television show, but when you sink your heart into a program and watch faithfully for nine years, you expect more than this. I thought it was great and compelling television for years – and while this season lacked excitement – I still expected a pay-off at the end – not a tease.

I’m so mad, I’m telling people that instead of anchoring the news this morning, I stayed home because I would let my frustrations go on the air. That’s not true, but that is how I feel. I do plan to write HBO and try and get a refund for the last nine years of cable I’ve paid for, but I doubt it will do much good.

OK, I’m done venting. See you Tuesday at the Open — which should bring us high drama and not cut to black on the final hole.


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