On the Job for One Year

Folks, I have to run out to the Open at Oakmont, so unfortunately my blogs this week will have to be quick ones.

Today is my anniversary – one year on the job ( and they said it wouldn’t last ). I started this trip into TV news on June 12th 2006 – a day I will always remember because of an incident that took place around 12pm that day. There’s little doubt you will forget what happened my first day as well.

As one writer put it, this was Pittsburgh’s version of the Kennedy Assassination – the Ben Roethlisberger motorcycle accident. What began as a reported cycle crash turned into a vigil that would last for weeks, a media crush like none this city has ever seen and a football season gone sour.

I was there for the beginning – joining Michelle Wright and Sally Wiggin for three hours of breaking news coverage. I guessed we were fortunate as a news organization that morning that a former sports guy – just three days removed from his last sportscast – was there to talk about Ben and keep the story moving. I was able to use my contacts to speak with Steelers coaches and players – in essence being the first to tell them what had happened.

It was a day I will never forget – and I doubt many of you will either. People still tell me they remember where they were when it happened. I know I do. It was just my first day on the job.


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