Notes from the Open

This week will be tough for me to blog because of my work on the coverage of the U.S. Open at Oakmont.

What I have quickly discovered from the course is that many people are there not to see golf, but to see Tiger Woods. He has become a rock star and turned a game that was once seen as elitist into a sport for the masses – much like Arnold Palmer did four decades earlier.

As for Mr. Palmer, he will be named honorary chairperson today — and I could not be happier. What a very nice and generous man .. and I had the chance to play with him a few years ago at Laurel Valley. Truly a career highlight for myself.

Saw Mario Lemieux walking the course Tuesday .. and just to give you a sense at how many big stars are on the course .. I think I was the only person to recognize #66 in his golf attire.

I have also noticed that there is very little traffic in downtown Oakmont – much to the surprise of business owners there hoping to cash in on the Open. Instead, with fans being bused in from Hartwood Acres and points beyond, downtown Oakmont has become a ghost town – except for the residents and the players who may be staying the community.

I will be talking more about golf — and what I’m seeing at the Open — in my daily video blog in the U.S. Open section of this website. Then, I promise to get back to my more mundane musings when things get back to normal next week.

One last note: I do appreciate your comments and insights regarding my blogs, but I would appreciate if some of you could keep the offensive language to a minimum. This is a family blog here and I don’t want any cursing. As your teacher might tell you, cursing just shows how limited your vocabulary truly is. Of course, this is the exception. For the most part, people have been so kind and supportive in their responses that I enjoy writing.

See you from the Open!


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