7 years … and no itching

My 7th wedding anniversary is coming up on Monday and I can honestly say I do not feel the same way about Sharon the day that I married her. Before you start to say “what’s wrong with you”, please think about this: Do any of us feel EXACTLY the same way we felt about our spouses on our wedding day? Unless you have been married for less than a year, your feelings will change and I have no problem with saying that.

I mean, I have spent the last 7 years with this person – and people change over time. Hey, look at us from this photo from the Tribune-Review taken a year into our wedding bliss:

As you can see, I have lost at least one chin since 2000. Also, we have grown older and perhaps more mature, but also we have found we have many differences of opinion we did not know about when we first started dating. We have had disagreements and full-blown arguments. We care about each other — just in a very different way.
Right now, I need your help. I know my wife doesn’t read my blog – because she finds the political blogs much more interesting. So – especially you ladies out there – what should I do for the 7th anniversary? It’s not 5 or 10, but it’s significant because there has been no “seven year itch” here. Should I do dinner, a special weekend or perhaps a road trip somewhere? I have some ideas, but I could use your input.
There is a time limit – so the sooner, the better. Thanks in advance. After all, I am a guy and there is no manual that comes with marriage to explain what you should do or how you should celebrate the seven-year mark.

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