Sausage on a stick .. and getting invovled for a good cause!

Oh the things you discover while out covering a story.

Tuesday morning, I went to Carnegie to cover an abandoned warehouse fire .. and once the fire was put out, the assembled media waited outside for a comment from the owner. This can often become a tedious proposition — especially when you have not had anything to eat since the previous afternoon.

The Salvation Army was more than kind to offer us coffee .. but another TV reporter from a station other than WTAE brought over something from the Salvation Army van – a sausage on a stick. Not being from Pittsburgh, I assumed this was some strange local treat, but after one bite – I was hooked!

It’s a sausage with a pancake wrapped around it – an it was tremendous. I felt like I was eating something from McDonald’s. Breakfast treats from the Salvation Army – who knew?

Shifting gears, my weeks are usually filled with charitable events – both fun and fulfilling an important purpose. Two such events took place this week. Saturday – as I do every year – I took part as a honorary co-chair of the Pirates Fun Run/Walk for the Epilepsy Foundation.

Above is a photo just outside PNC Park with fellow co-chairs Tom Gorzelanny of the Pirates and Jim Krenn from the DVE morning show. The lovely lady in the middle is Judy Painter — the head of the Epilepsy Foundation of Western Pennsylvania. She has been the force behind this event – an event I have taken part in since the day we use to finish the 5K inside Three Rivers Stadium.

Here’s my other photo:

My foursome from the American Diabetes Association golf event at Southpointe Golf Club in Washington. Ron, Terry and Kathy are all with First Commonwealth – the presenting sponsor. We had a great day on the links in annual fundraising event for ADA. Two things will stand out in my mind from Tuesday. First, the weather. Demetrius Ivory hit it right on the nose – we had a five hour window to get the round in and then the heavens opened up and nearly flooded the fairways.

The second part? Kathy was playing the first round of golf in her life. With a few lessons from her husband and a few encouraging words from her sons, she took to the fairways. While she had more than her share of misses, her drive and putt helped us save par at 18. I think Kathy caught the golf bug on this day.

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