Tragedy in Larimer … Again

It’s been more than a week since the tragic death of five children from a horrible house fire in Larimer – ignited by the kids playing with matches. They were all under ten .. and all died too young, too soon.

But today, the other shoe has fallen. The two mothers – Furaha “T” Love and Shakita Mangun – now face charges of leaving the children home alone to go out and have a drink at a local bar. Their earlier story – that a babysitter watching the kids had left them alone – proving to be a lie.

Let me say right off being a mother is a difficult job – and being a single mom might be the greatest challenge on this planet given the obstacle one must face. That being said, I agree with District Attorney Stephen Zappala’s assessment when it comes to the women leaving their children – it’s unacceptable.

Parenting is the hardest job in the world, but as Dennis Miller once quipped, it’s the easiest one to get: Just mess up once and it’s yours. I’m not sure how these women became moms, but it’s obvious they were not ready for this duty. This was not just a one-time misstep: This was leaving seven children home alone. Who does this?
As if this wasn’t enough, an attorney for one of the mothers offered up perhaps the worse defense ever for this case of negligence. He told our Marcie Cipiriani – on-camera – that is was not the mom’s fault because the kid would have died in the fire even if the mothers were there. Are you kidding me? Is there a mother – or father – out there who wouldn’t give their own lives to save their kids? Not only is that the most insane defense I have ever heard, but if the mother being represented by that attorney is smart, she fires him right now.

It’s a tragedy – on two fronts. Five children who did not need to die — and two mothers who did not need to leave the children home alone.

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