And the winner is ….

Well, the special weekend is here — Sharon and I are celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary. Seven years ago, we trekked down to Saint Thomas and pledged our undying love for all eternity on a beach with family and friends.

I asked you earlier this week how we should celebrate the 7th anniversary of this milestone – and you responded!

Jen in Greensburg suggested something creative. Giving Sharon 11 red roses with a white one in the middle – with a card that says there are a million people in the world and you are the one for me.

Denise from Pittsburgh, as well my executive producer Dana, thought that restaging our first date would be the perfect way to celebrate. Nice idea, but I don’t think I want to go to crowded dance club full of twenty-somethings.

Kim in Pittsburgh, Darla from White Oak, Kim in Monongahela, Kim in New Stanton ( boy I know a lot of Kims ) and the entire office at the Epilepsy Foundation were on the same track. Why not take Sharon away for a romantic weekend? Possible sites included 7 Springs, Sharon PA, Deep Creek Maryland and even Las Vegas.

Denise from Clairton knows of our passion for the links — so she proposed taking Sharon to Greenbrier in West Virginia for a golf, spa and dinner getaway.

Mandy in Pittsburgh gets top honors for the most unique idea. She told me her husband placed roses everywhere she went that day — the bathroom, the car, etc.

Jillian in Mount Pleasant suggested a simple road trip. Why not a quiet romantic dinner and a nice stroll and a trip down memory lane discussing what has transpired in our lives?

And thanks to several of you who suggested jewelry — and many who told me that copper is the metal used to symbolize the 7th year of marriage.

Well, after all these awesome ideas – and thanks for each one of them – I was ready to choose my course of action when I got an e-mail from a woman named Sharon:

“Hey, I got a suggestion. Why not take me to play golf Friday afternoon and then you can take me to my favorite Thai restaurant?”.

I guess I have learned two lessons. Sometimes, it is best to go the source and just ask .. and she really does read my blog.


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