So How Did It Go?

In case you were wondering ….

My anniversary celebration with Sharon was filled with both highs and lows. We started with a golf date Friday afternoon at St. Clair Country Club. We were supposed to tee off at 2pm, but Sharon got stuck at work – and we didn’t hit the links until three. Then, we discovered everyone else chose to play golf Friday afternoon so it wasn’t exactly the speed round.

But things picked up when we invited the couple that was waiting behind us to play with us and give us a foursome. Bill and Carol were members there and their insights on the course – as well as life – made for a pleasurable afternoon. Then came the shocker. As we were finishing up our round, I told them we were celebrating our anniversary. Turns out Bill and Carol were married the same day we were – 51 years earlier!

By the time we finally got to the restaurant – which was almost 9pm – I was exhausted. Having been up since 2am with only three hours of sleep the night before, I was hardly in shape for an extended romantic evening. In fact, I almost fell asleep during dinner. Sharon – who by the way got all dressed up and looked beautiful that night – could see I was fading so we made it an early evening and decided we would do dinner another night.

The rest of the weekend was taken with Sharon’s cousin and her husband in town. It wasn’t exactly what I had envisioned for a romantic anniversary, but so many of you made the point: It’s not about what you do, it’s the fact you do it together, That’s why the highlight for me was Sunday afternoon when Sharon and I decided to go play a leisurely round of golf. There was no one on the course and we pretty much took our time — and Sharon played great!!!!

Thanks to everyone who sent well-wishes and suggestions for spending our anniversary – and Denise, thanks for the anniversary card ( she is always so thoughtful ). And Sharon — Happy Anniversary since today is the actual day we decided to toe the knot on that beach in Saint Thomas. You looked beautiful and breath-taking on that Sunday afternoon … and you still do today.


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