Whatever Happened To …

In my days of covering sports in this town, I discovered there is only one thing more interesting to Steeler fans than the current crop of Black & Gold players – and that’s former Steeler stars. Don’t believe me? Who has gotten more attention and press this summer – Bill Cowher or Mike Tomlin? I rest my case.

Same is true when we talk about TV news personalities in this city. I still have people asking me when Susan Koeppen will return from vacation.

One of those former WTAE people that still has a following in Ellen Gamble. In case you don’t remember – Ellen was the morning traffic reporter and later anchored the weekend morning newscasts. She was very good, very personable and part of a winning morning team during the early part of this decade.

Now, she a happy newlywed and doing some very important work at the Women’s Center and Shelter. Abused women need a place of safety – a place to put their lives together when their relationships take a turn for the worst and that’s what the Women’s Center and Shelter does. Ellen believes in it’s mission – and last night, we had the chance to team up again.

The Rotary Club held a wine tasting and silent auction fundraiser at the Rivers Club with part of the proceeds going to the Women’s Center and Shelter. Along with Ellen and myself in the photo above is Bruce May, the wine writer for Pittsburgh Magazine and our guest host and Rebecca Gilbert from UBS Financial. Thanks to everyone who made the night so special — and Ellen, it was great to see you again. We all miss you at Channel 4.

Before I go, I need to tell you that I did not watch the Paris Hilton interview last night on Larry King Live ( I had better things to do like trim my toe nails and organizing my sock drawer). But when the clap of thunder woke me out a deep sleep at 1AM, I did flip on CNN and saw Anderson Cooper’s 360 show. It was then I realized something – I don’t hate Paris Hilton. I hate the people who keep talking up this vapid excuse for a star. Cooper had a panel of “experts” discussing what they thought of the interview and whether Paris was a “changed person.”

Let’s be honest. It’s the jock-sniffing celebrity journalists who make their living talking about these so-called celebrities. For the last time, I think I speak for the majority of the persons on the planet when I say WHO CARES? Enough with Paris. I’m officially done. Next time I talk about Paris, it better have the word “France” after it.

ONE FINAL NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: I have removed yesterday’s blog and accompanying photos. This was done because I overstepped my bounds by discussing something of a personal nature involving more than just myself. It involved another person. She has asked that I remove the blog and photos and I will abide by her request. I apologize and as I continue blogging, I realize that sometimes you make mistakes in this forum – and that every day is a learning experience. I’ll try to do better next time.

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