Cleaning Out the Thought Closet

Just like I do at the end of the week with my closets at home, I like to clean out the closet of random thoughts I have in the back of my mind from time to time. It’s not that there is nothing worth blogging about, but none of these random observations is worth one single blog:

I-PHONE: WORTH THE WAIT? … I’m interested in the Apple I-Phone, but not enough to spend $500 and $200 in monthly charges to be the “cool” person on my block. By the way, what is up with these people lined up outside stores this morning for a phone? I’m sorry but for such tech-savvy people – it’s just stupid to wait outside for ten-plus hours.

FAN REVOLT … Disgruntled Pirate fans plan to leave – en masee – Saturday night in the middle of the game to protest the Pirates 14-year run of futility and bad management. Will it make a difference? I doubt it. A message for the fans: If you really want to send the Bucs a message than don’t go in the first place. Not showing up does much more than showing up, spending your money and then leaving.

NORTH SHORE INSANITY … Speaking of the Pirates, they and the Steelers are drawing a line in the sand over the construction of that new casino. Folks, this is not about traffic patterns as the teams will tell you or about protecting the interest of the fans. This is about money – and whether a casino will cut into their bottom lines. I don’t know why the Bucs would be upset. Given their recent performance, they need to pray that casino patrons might pass by the ballpark – and purchase a ticket. Meanwhile, the growth of the North Shore is stymied by this battle – as is the flow of millions which is earmarked for the new arena.

MAYOR IN THE MIDDLE .. There are a lot of jobs I would love to have, but don’t count being the Mayor of Pittsburgh as one of them. Right now, Luke Ravenstahl is in the middle of the debate over three police officers being promoted who have histories of alleged domestic abuse. He’s feeling the heat from both sides — the police union and various women’s organizations. No matter what the Mayor does, someone is going to be unhappy — and I’m sure his republican challenger in the November election will hop all over this issue in their upcoming debates.

I think that’s it. Now my thought closet is nice and clean — until next week and who knows what clutter it up. After all, we haven’t heard from Paris Hilton in two days.

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