Live Earth .. and Dead Budget

I’m not much of a music fan and I admit I don’t know John Mayer from Oscar Mayer ( Yes, I do know they are pronounced differently ). Still, I watched portions of the Live Earth concert this weekend. I must admit it was a good concert and it was nice to see the Police back together again as well as being exposed to groups like AFI ( though I have no idea what AFI stands for ).

That being said, I have to admit to being stunned by the criticism of the global concert effort – from people who said it did more harm to the environment to those who believe another all-star concert effort does little to expose the world to the real environmental problems facing our planet.

I’m neither a rocker nor an environmentalist, but I am someone who believes that exposing a problem threatening our planet is a good thing no matter how it’s done. No, this concert will not have the impact that Live Aid had on relief efforts in Africa, but it will get those who watched or attended to think twice about the greenhouse effect or recycling efforts.

Look, at least they tried — and making an effort is better than standing around and doing nothing. Whether it’s saving the planet, the spotted owl or the designated hitter, any effort to make the world better is alright by me. I’m not going to rip people for trying — whether they were successful or fell woefully short.

Speaking of trying, I’m wondering about the efforts to agree on a new state budget. Let me see if I have this straight — every year at the same time we have to have a new budget and lawmakers in Harrisburg say they “ran out of time” – thus forcing 24,000 workers to go on furlough with most not getting paid for the days they are being forced to miss? Even more insane is the fact the state casinos had to go to court to stay open – casinos that rake in millions daily for the state itself!

It may be solved – as the Governor says – by the time you read this blog entry. Then again, this could drag out for a week. Who really knows? I did hear one statement from a friend of mine that best describes my feelings about this mess:
“This is unacceptable”.

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