Three Little Words

I’m a self-centered person.

Not that it’s a news-flash to those who know me, but when you work in the glare of the public eye, your thoughts often turn to yourself and how others perceive you. It’s natural of anyone in television and it’s not all bad.

However, it can be difficult for the other person in your life. Spouses in this business are often some of the most understanding and selfless people you meet. After all, their personalities — for better or worse — are overshadowed by their spouses’ career. How would you like it if no matter your achievements in life, someone always starts a conversation with “How is your husband” or ” I saw your wife on TV”. Some marriages survive this — and others do not.

I bring this up – as I have on some occasions before – to point out what my Sharon has accomplished and why there is reason for her to be celebrated. She has finally quit smoking. No lapses and no cheating. She has stopped completely for well over a month with no sign that she even misses the sensation. I won’t get into how she has done it because even I’m, not sure but, suffice it to say, she has done it.

What makes it more amazing? She has stopped smoking while beginning a very challenging job which sometimes has her working long hours. While she is stimulated by the job, one could not blame her for maybe “lighting up” just once to relieve the pressure. She has not.

While accomplishing the feat, she continues to be overshadowed by her husband ( that’s me ) and people going on about what I have done whether it be on TV or for charity. Even worse, I sometimes get so caught up in my life, I forget about her successes and challenges.

There are three little words that should be uttered as much as possible in a marriage:
“I love you.”

There are also three little words that mean just as much to your spouse:
“Good job Sharon”

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