A Team Member Departs

At the end of the month – a key member of the morning team will be leaving us.

I know, you are wondering who: Kelly? Marcie? Demetrius? Melanie? Maybe, even me? No. None of the above. None of the faces you have gotten to know is taking off.

However, the person who has become the leader of the morning broadcast is going. Her name is Dana Brown and I’ve blogged about her in the past. She is the executive producer of “Channel 4 Action News This Morning”. Dana has been with us – in this position – less than a year, but she has done so much to make our show the best it can be.

Here’s a picture of Dana and I at the Race for the Cure this past Mother’s Day.

Broadcast news is a lot like football. It’s a team effort and if Dana can be compared to a position on the field, it would be quarterback ( but please don’t call her Big Ben). Dana sets the tone and the path for the show each morning, coming in before midnight and working with our producer Nick to plan, format and write the show — as well as determine what stories will be featured prominently over the two-hour broadcast.

For me, personally, she has helped me to trust the role 0f producer and realize that without her considerable talents, I would likely not be as successful as a broadcaster. She also has a passion for news. More than a news junkie, all you have to do is realize her dog’s name to understand her love of news. “Brokaw” is the official mascot of the morning show.

Dana’s heading onto the next step in her career — a career that will hopefully get her to her ultimate goal of producing news at the highest levels of broadcasting. While I wish her all the best, I know I speak for everyone on the morning show when I say that I will miss her considerable talents and fun personality. I just hope when she reaches the big time, she won’t forget us little people and perhaps give an old, gray-haired broadcaster from Pittsburgh a job.

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